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Greater Hume 2030 

Vision Statement

Living in an idyllic rural landscape that sets us apart, we draw on our passion and location to maintain a model community for people of all ages whilst building an economy that abounds with opportunities.
A number of key aspects are being sought in the vision statement; namely:
Draw on our passion – we cannot afford to expect someone else to always work on our behalf to achieve all that we seek; we must draw on the passion we have for our community and each other and be involved.
Maintain a model community for people of all ages – if we work together, we can maintain a community that looks after our people as well as our farmland and natural beauty.  We can be a community that others aspire to be like.
An economy that abounds with opportunities –we must be proactive in taking advantage of our location, particularly near Albury / Wodonga and to a lesser extent Wagga Wagga, to grow an economy that is diverse and offers our community the chance to build a career here.

Our Community Values

A country lifestyle: residents are committed to retaining an environment known for its scenery and spaciousness, where the hills, pasture and crops and natural bushland combine to create a relaxing and tranquil way of life.
A caring community: there is a deep appreciation that we have a Shire that is a great place to raise a family. This is only possible because of our friendliness and consideration for each other. And whilst each village and town has its own identity, there is nevertheless a sense of belonging throughout the Shire.
A volunteering mentality: our passion for the community is exemplified by our “can-do” spirit; traditionally, we have fought for what we want, rather than relying on layers of government to always provide.

An affordable but high quality of life: our country lifestyle does not constrain us from being close to excellent schools, health and aged care services, sporting and recreational facilities, shops and museums. This is available without having the higher costs of city living.


In This Section

Access Information
Access Information
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Council Meetings
Greater Hume Shire Council meetings are usually held on the 3rd Wednesday of each month and generally alternate between Holbrook and Culcairn offices.
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Council Offices
Contact details for Greater Hume Shire Council Offices.
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Council Elections were last held on 8 September 2012, where the nine Councillors were elected under a "wards" system. The current Mayor CR Heather Wilton was elected by the Councillors on 19 September 2012.
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Organisational Structure
The organisational structure is made up of three departments, being Corporate and Community Services, Engineering Services and Environment and Planning Services.
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Policies & Documents
The following is a list of adopted Policies for Greater Hume Shire. The Policies can either be viewed at Council offices or contact Council staff for more details.
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Employment Opportunities
Greater Hume Shire is home to a surprising array of prominent and successful industries that offer a desirable work - life balance for families and individuals alike.
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Our Honour Board
Displays Citizens and Young Citizens of Year, Honours Recipients for Greater Hume Shire and it's former Shires.
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Greater Hume Shire - Fit for the Future
Greater Hume Shire - Fit for the Future
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