Health & Medical Emergencies

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A range of quality health and medical services is available to residents of Greater Hume Shire.

Medical Centres

 Culcairn  Dr CJ Reddy
 81 Balfour Street, Culcairn
 Phone: (02) 6029 8304
 Henty Medical Centre  Dr Radwan Al-Musawy
 8 Ivor Street, Henty
 Phone: (02) 6929 3760
 Holbrook Medical Services
Currently closed
Hume Medical Centre

Dr Delakshe Sentheeran

115-117 Albury St, HolbrookPhone: (02) 6036 2952
 Jindera  Dr Glen Mobilia
 Creek Street, Jindera
 Phone: (02) 6026 3203



Holbrook CHC Holbrook District Hospital
Bowler St
PO Box 44
Holbrook NSW 2644
Phone (02) 6036 2787
           (02) 6036 2782
Bowler Street
PO Box 44
Holbrook NSW 2644
Phone (02) 6036 2522
           (02) 6036 2782
Culcairn CHC Culcairn Health Service
Balfour St
PO Box 95
Culcairn NSW 2660
Phone (02) 6029 8917
           (02) 6029 7018
Balfour Street
PO Box 95
Culcairn NSW 2660
Phone (02) 6029 8203
           (02) 6029 8762
Henty CHC Henty District Hospital
Keighran Street
PO Box 47
Henty NSW 2658
Phone (02) 6929 4999
           (02) 6929 4940
Keighran Street
PO Box 47
Henty NSW 2658
Phone (02) 6929 4999
           (02) 6929 4940


Visiting health services include, therapeutic massage, podiatrist, and dietician.


Women's Health

A Free and Confidential health service for women of all ages provided by a specialist Women’s Health Nurse in Henty, Holbrook and Culcairn.
Services include but aren’t limited to:
·       Cervical screening/Pap tests
·       Breast Health
·       Reproductive health information-periods, fertility, conditions
·       Sexual health screening
·       Pregnancy testing and pregnancy options/choices
·       Menopause
·       Contraception options
·       Emergency contraception advice
·       General health advice and referrals
·       Sexual assault and Domestic violence counselling and referrals
·       Continence
·       Border Wellness Circle-a supportive care group for women with a cancer journey.


Holbrook Hospital, 47-55 Bowler St Holbrook. 
To make an appointment call (02) 6036 2522.
2017 Dates
27 April 25 May 29 June 27 July
31 August 28 September 26 October 30 November


Culcairn Hospital, 51-58 Balfour St Holbrook.
To make an appointment call (02) 6029 8203.
2017 Dates
26 April 31 May 28 June 26 July
30 August 27 September 25 October 29 November


Henty Hospital, 7 Keighran St.
To make an appointment call (02) 6929 4999.
2017 Dates

25 April 24 May 27 June 25 July
23 August 26 September 24 October 22 November

Right Care, Right Time, Right Place

Residents in Greater Hume Shire will soon be better equipped to handle their health matters after hours, with the release of some useful information brochures.
Developed as a result of collaboration between Greater Hume Shire, Hume Medicare Local and Murrumbidgee Local Health District, the new brochures – which double as fridge magnets - will be distributed to residents and businesses from February 16. Using the slogan “right care, right time, right place” they provide contact numbers for emergency services, advice and support lines, as well as recommendations for dealing with non-urgent health matters.


The information presented is easy to understand and should bring peace of mind to residents and is particularly useful for visitors who aren’t familiar with the services in the local area. 

Family Referral Service

Your link to support.

The Family Referral Service will be hosted by the Culcairn Community Health Centre on the third Thursday of every month.The Family Referral Service is aimed at assisting families to link into various support services.

These may include;

  • Housing and accommodation
  • Financial assistance
  • Parenting
  • Drug and alcohol support
  • Domestic violence
  • Youth support
  • Health
  • Counselling and mediation
  • Mental health
  • Cultural support
  • Health and wellbeing

Culcairn Community Health Centre will host Jessica the FRS Family Worker on the third Thursday of the month between 10am – 4pm.


If you would like to get in contact with Jessica phone 1300 307 897, visit the Culcairn Community Health Centre (on the third Thursday of the month) or drop into the FRS office located at 539-541 Kiewa Street, Albury or 39-40 Gurwood Street, Wagga.


24 Hour Health Help at Hand

The service—an initiative of the NSW and federal governments—is designed to help residents across NSW access non-urgent health information and advice 24 hours a day.

A sophisticated computerised decision support system developed by medical professionals is used to provide safe and consistent advice and assessment to callers, and to recommend appropriate action. A directory of local services and facilities can also help callers access health and medical providers wherever they are located in NSW.

That means NSW residents travelling throughout the state don’t have to worry about how or where to find health help while they’re away from home, or the expense that these services may involve.

Callers anywhere in NSW can access healthdirect Australia by phoning one number—1800 022 222. Calls from landlines are free. Mobile charges may apply.


Cancer Services in Albury Wodonga region

For information regarding regional services for cancer patients  please click here.

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